Din 15

(DIN Handbook 15 Steel pipelines 1 (standards on dimensions and technical delivery conditions

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گردآورنده: مؤسسه استاندارد آلمان (DIN)

ناشر: شرکت انتشارات فنی ایران

قیمت (ریال): 110000

در انبار موجود نمی باشد

گردآورنده: مؤسسه استاندارد آلمان (DIN)

ناشر: شرکت انتشارات فنی ایران

قطع کتاب: رقعی

موضوع : Pipe, steel- standards -Germany

تعداد صفحات: 543

چاپ : اول 1378 ، سوم 1386

قیمت (ریال): 110000

ISSN  0722-7337

ISBN 3-410-13341-0

The seventh edition of DIN Handbook 15 (3rd edition in English) brings the content of the handbook up to date with the current state of standardization in the field of dimensional standards  and technical delivery conditions for steel pipes/tubes, fittings and flanges. Newly published standards as compared with the last edition, such as

DIN 2404                            Color coding of pipelines

DIN 2413-2                        Design of pipe fittings

DIN 2507                            Bolts and nuts for use with flanges

DIN 2528                            Flange materials

DIN 2605-2

DIN 2609, DIN 2616-2      Steel butt- welding fittings

Have been included, along with a number of standards on welding-neck flanges and gaskets and seal rings for flanges which did not appear in the previous edition, as well as the revised editions  of standards already published in the previous edition, such as

DIN 2391,DIN 2393

DIN 2394                             Precision steel tubes

DIN 2413-1                         Design of steel pipes

DIN 2460                             Steel pipes for water pipework

DIN 2605-1, DIN 2615-1,

DIN 2616-1, DIN 2617       steel butt-welding fittings

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