Din 28

(DIN Handbook 28 Iron and Steel (Dimensional standards

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گردآورنده: مؤسسه استاندارد آلمان (DIN)

ناشر: شرکت انتشارات فنی ایران

قیمت (ریال): 78000

در انبار موجود نمی باشد

گردآورنده: مؤسسه استاندارد آلمان (DIN)

ناشر: شرکت انتشارات فنی ایران

قطع کتاب: رقعی

موضوع : Iron- Quality control – Standards – Germany – Steel – Quality control – Standards

تعداد صفحات: 364

چاپ : اول 1379

قیمت (ریال): 78000

ISSN  0722-7337

ISBN 3-410-13179-5

This new edition of DIN Handbook 28 (7th edition in English), which complements DIN Handbooks 401 to 405 (containing all relevant quality standards for iron and steel products) brings  the content of the handbook up to date with the current state of standardization in the field of dimensional specifications for steel semi-finished products of different forms.

Newly published standards as compared with the last edition, such as those covering

Sections for mine support, gratings, spring steel, as well as European Standards dealing with hot rolled sheet steel (DIN EN 10 051), structural steel sections (DIN EN 10 034), steel angels (DIN EN 10 056-2), cold rolled steel flats (DIN EN 10 131) and steel strip (DIN EN 10 140)

Have been included, along with all revised editions of standards already published in the previous edition, such as

  • DIN 1025 series (I beams)
  • DIN 1028 and DIN 1029 (Steel angles)
  • DIN 2078 (Steel wire)
  • DIN 6930 (Steel stampings)
  • DIN 21 541 (Steel sections for mine support).
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